New Year Brings Reward From a Reader

One of the most rewarding experiences that comes with writing is hearing from readers. The new year began with a note from one reader, with a subject line, “Australian in Texas.”

“I just finished Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows, after getting it for Christmas. I’d previously read Trippin’ Through My 60s and thoroughly enjoyed it, so my partner got me your earlier book. I really related to many aspects of your book, and have always found a lot of comfort in the unique type of friendship that comes from long hikes and camping trips…I look forward to reading about your next adventure.”

Last year was another good year for both books as far as new readers go. From 10 countries! I am so thankful to know that people choose to read my stories about five European backpacking treks.

I credit my wife and walking partner Sue for getting me out on the trails and for her work on both books. The titles, covers, artwork, and photographs are hers. Most importantly, her editing has improved them beyond measure.

You may be wondering what the photo has to do with this post. The other day, as I sat at my desk while writing about our latest trek, I looked out the window and this guy was looking over my shoulder. Just five feet away.

No, I did not bring the buck back from California’s John Muir Trail.

You can find Camino Sunrise and Trippin’ Through My 60s on Amazon or click on the titles.

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