The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Care More About Caring Less

If you are bothered by Mark Manson’s profanity in his book, he would say you are giving a f*ck about the wrong thing.

In The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Manson writes, “Wanting a positive experience is a negative experience; accepting a negative experience is a positive experience.”

He describes situations that trap people in the “Feedback Loop from Hell.”

If you care too much about making your life better, you are damaging your mental health. Your thoughts remind you that you don’t have enough money, the best job, or the body you want.

If you worry about being perfect, it leads you to hate yourself and to harbor guilt about who you are.

There is a better way, Manson writes. Care less, or don’t give a f*ck. Focus on what is real, what is now.

Feel like sh*t today? That’s life. It’s OK to feel bad. Don’t hate yourself for it, he says. You will struggle. You will fail. Accept pain. Life will not always be OK.

This does not mean you don’t care. Manson writes that it is all about choosing what to give a f*ck about. Choose your battles. Focus on things you can control.

Millions are paying attention to Manson’s words. He first made his name as a blogger, but is even more famous as an author of this book, which has sold 12 million copies.

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