Three Books Top My Best List for 2022

I discovered a wealth of great reading last year and I reviewed the books I recommended on this website, Books and My Backpack (See List of Book Reviews in the menu).

Three stand out. If adventure is what you seek, North to Alaska is for you. Trevor Lund, a young Englishman, writes about his 16,276-mile bicycle journey from the southern tip of South America to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska. Going the opposite direction in a van, Mary Hollendoner weaves a compelling story of her family’s van journey through Central and South America in Monkeys on the Road.

Lund and Hollendoner endure challenges that would send most of us home and they bring home experiences that transformed their lives.

If you are weary of people who put happy faces on even the most difficult times, you will be drawn to my third choice, Toxic Positivity, by Whitney Goodman. This book more than lived up to the hype it attracted.

Click on the titles to read my review about each book.

What were your favorite books of 2022?

One thought on “Three Books Top My Best List for 2022

  1. Hi Reg,

    Good to hear from you again. I liked the premise of the book “Toxic Positivity”. I’ll get it on Kindle.

    Lan’s sister recently died after a long wasting illness, and when she died I also told her “at least she’s not suffering any more”. She wanted to die for a long time but the family decided to keep her alive. We’re going to her funeral service and burial this week in San Jose. We’ll be gone from 1/5 – 1/11.


    P.S. you can also link to books on – it supports small local bookstores. You choose a local bookstore and then they receive the profit from the sale of a book or audiobook that you buy. Here’s the link for Toxic…

    Unfortunately, they don’t list Bloomsbury.


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