Englishman Spins an Unforgettable Adventure Story

Two wheels.

16,276 miles.

Sweat and courage.

120 flats, 23 bear sightings.

Never quit.

Trevor Lund, a young Englishman, turns out to be more than an astonishing adventurer. In North to Alaska, he writes a story that kept me up at night, unable to put it down so I could sleep.

He bicycles from the southern tip of South America to the northern tip of Alaska, skipping Colombia only because of the dangers posed by unrest there.

He rides most of the way alone, but generosity, friendship, extreme challenges, and danger follow him as he struggles to make his 10-year dream come true.

He transforms hardships into wisdom:

“I had run out of water crossing the driest desert in the world, dislocated my shoulder descending the Andes, been ‘rained’ on by an erupting volcano, been robbed by three desperate men in Quito and sung to bears to keep them at bay. And, oh my word, how wonderful that all those things happened to me.”

And words that many adventurers can relate to:

“I had many stories to tell but few people on this planet could begin to comprehend what I had been through.”

One bicycle.

Two continents.

Limitless endurance.

Trevor Lund, author and adventurer extraordinaire.

On Their Last Days, They Live Big and Love Big

Adam Silvera

“Live every day as if it were your last.”

Apple founder Steve Jobs recited those words to himself every morning when he looked in the mirror. He knew that if he did this every day, one day he would be right.

In a pair of Adam Silvera novels, three teen-agers get the dreaded call from Death-Cast, informing them they are Deckers and are about to die. Death-Cast is a service that offers subscribers the opportunity to learn on the given day that they are going to die within 24 hours.

In They Both Die in the End and its prequel, The First to Die in the End, Silvera knits passionate stories about how these young people spend their last days. They learn that what is important is how they live, not how they die.

I expect most of us have been asked if we would want to know when we are going to die. We all know there is no life without death, but how would it affect our lives if we knew our expiration date? The creator of Death-Cast finds there are unintended consequences of the service he hoped would enrich Deckers’ last hours.

There is also no love without loss. This is a central theme to both books and love binds the characters during intense times filled with tension, joy, discovery, and tragedy.

I am hesitant to say more, fearing I could spoil the enthralling experience ahead of readers of these books. You could say the titles of the books are spoilers in themselves, but I would say these stories survive the titles, even thrive because of them.

Adam Silvera published the prequel in October while I was reading They Both Die in the End, published in 2017. When I finished the “sequel,” I went right to the other book. I was glad I read them in that order.

These books are categorized as young-adult novels, but as with so many in this genre, I think they will appeal to older adults as well. These are the two of the most compelling books I have read in 2022. I look forward to reading more of Silvera’s books.