Englishman Spins an Unforgettable Adventure Story

Two wheels.

16,276 miles.

Sweat and courage.

120 flats, 23 bear sightings.

Never quit.

Trevor Lund, a young Englishman, turns out to be more than an astonishing adventurer. In North to Alaska, he writes a story that kept me up at night, unable to put it down so I could sleep.

He bicycles from the southern tip of South America to the northern tip of Alaska, skipping Colombia only because of the dangers posed by unrest there.

He rides most of the way alone, but generosity, friendship, extreme challenges, and danger follow him as he struggles to make his 10-year dream come true.

He transforms hardships into wisdom:

“I had run out of water crossing the driest desert in the world, dislocated my shoulder descending the Andes, been ‘rained’ on by an erupting volcano, been robbed by three desperate men in Quito and sung to bears to keep them at bay. And, oh my word, how wonderful that all those things happened to me.”

And words that many adventurers can relate to:

“I had many stories to tell but few people on this planet could begin to comprehend what I had been through.”

One bicycle.

Two continents.

Limitless endurance.

Trevor Lund, author and adventurer extraordinaire.

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