Trippin’ on the Airwaves

Author and radio personality Barry Eva recently invited me to be a guest on his long-running show, A Book and a Chat. We explored Sue’s and my six distance treks in six countries and two books, Camino Sunrise and Trippin’ Through My Sixties.

Barry, an Englishman living in Connecticut, has hosted more than 1,600 episodes of A Book and A Chat that boasts 25,000 listeners. It is broadcast on New Visions Radio Network.

Click on the highlighted radio show title above to listen.

2 thoughts on “Trippin’ on the Airwaves

    1. Hello Niall,
      I appreciate your note very much. Also glad you enjoyed my book and interview. I am also an idle bicyclist at the moment, but can’t seem to stop walking.
      My best to you and to Ireland!

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