Camino Sunrise: Thank You, Readers!

I am grateful for two reviews of Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows that arrived this week via Amazon. Also, I am thankful for my wife Sue’s ink-and-watercolor art. There is rarely a shortage of signs on Spain’s Camino de Santiago. To everyone who has shared our journey: Thank you!

From the United Kingdom: “While reading this book I was transported to the Camino. The descriptions of the people, difficulties and triumphs are so vivid and told with humour and insight. I got totally engrossed in it and could imagine myself walking with the author and his wife. They would be such entertaining companions. Great read.”

From the USA: “I’ve lived vicariously for years reading others’ adventures hiking the Camino. This book was my favorite! Down to earth, funny, moving, heartfelt, loved it, felt like I was taking the journey along with the author. I would definitely read other books he writes.”

Our adventures on Scotland’s West Highland Way, the Alps’ Tour du Mont Blanc, Italy’s Way of St. Francis, and England’s South West Coast Path are getting closer to publication. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Camino Sunrise: Thank You, Readers!

  1. Good morning and thanks for stopping by my blog. Your book looks intriguing and Sue’s watercolors are wonderfully pastoral. In my virtual walk/run of the Camino, it appears that pilgrims may be exposed to some tough weather. Did you and Sue find this to be true?

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    1. Hello,
      Sue and I appreciate your interest and comments. We had great weather during our April/May Camino walk. Very little rain and wind. Warm at times. Now, our last trek, in England, we got blasted by rain and wind for five days. We have been fortunate on our other walks.
      Best wished!


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