Saying ‘The End’ at St. Peter’s

Like books, long-distance treks sometimes save the best for last. There were countless highlights (and some lows) during our 260-mile journey that began in Tuscany, but the finish at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City moved Sue and me. Like reading a great book, we didn’t want the month-long trek to end. The Way of St. Francis is one of four adventures that make up my second book, due out soon. If you want to be among the first to hear when it is published, send me a note through “contact” on my website,

10 thoughts on “Saying ‘The End’ at St. Peter’s

  1. Reg:

    When I give talks about the Camino, I always mention that Santiago was one the “big three” pilgrimages back in the Middle Ages. I envy you having done two of the three. I have visited all three, but only Santiago via a pilgrimage. Good luck with your new book!

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