High Dive on the South West Coast Path?

A backpacker’s dream or nightmare? Nearly 30,000 stairs, wind that can blow off a toupee and–a high dive? That is what I thought I would see at the end of this straightway near Boscastle, England, on the South West Coast Path. But it was just another steep plunge on the 630-mile trail.

9 thoughts on “High Dive on the South West Coast Path?

  1. I section walked the South West Coast Path over a number of years. On one particularly memorable, and (as it turned out) dangerously windy, section in north Cornwall I had to crawl along the cliff path on my hands and knees and walk along a field instead…

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      1. I have had the weather forecast conversation with myself so many times – I always look to see if rain is forecast but usually forget to see what it has to say about wind… 🤦‍♀️

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      2. For us, the difficult part is making the decision to trek on a bad weather day. On the SW Coast Path, there are quite remote, potentially dangerous cliffside sections. There is nowhere to go but forward. And a backpack makes a big target for the wind. But the challenge is what keeps us returning to the trail, right?

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