Mont Blanc: What a Sight

Patience. Sue and I had learned during our pilgrimage across Spain that our perseverance would be rewarded, eventually. I chronicled our trials in Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows.

Mont Blanc had stood tall, 15,771 feet, for the first several days of our 110-mile adventure around the Alps’ highest member. But it had hid from our view.

On the morning after the toughest climbing day of our lives, our patience was tested again as we inched up 3,100 feet toward Col de Seigne. The aches from day three worsened, making us wonder how much more we could take. We didn’t say it, but the Tour du Mont Blanc had made us question why we had attempted such a trek.

Then, at the mountain pass, Mont Blanc’s grand pose was the best pain killer I have ever felt. It graciously posed for photographs with us before we stepped from France into Italy, where we picnicked at nearly 8,300 feet in the crisp, blue air and gawked at one of Earth’s wonders.

Patience. Indeed.

5 thoughts on “Mont Blanc: What a Sight

    1. Hi Mathew,
      Thank you very much. I am honored by your nomination.
      I like your 11 questions. I too listen to music when I write…during the year and a half of writing my first book, I found peace and guidance through two playlists. (I am going to check out Emancipator.) An aside: Stephen King listens to deafeningly loud heavy metal when he writes. Hmmm.
      I don’t know 11 other bloggers who are not widely followed, though. It will take me awhile to get to that point.
      Until then, I look forward to your posts.

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      1. Thanks Reg, never any obligations with these things. Interesting fact about Stephen king. I guess that’s why his novels are so disturbing… Hahah… Just wanted to show my appreciation for you and your blog. Take care.


  1. Every time I am in Switzerland ( in Geneva) we see Mont Blanc across the lake. I think I saw it also while flying from Geneva to Venice. It is amazing to do such trek. Probably much harder than the Camino. But you did it. Well done !


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