Too Old to Trek?

Sue and I take a break at the Muir Hut on the John Muir Trail in August 2021, one of six distance treks we have enjoyed, all during my 60s. For us, age has not been a major factor, except that we now have the time to do lengthier trips.

Check out what these guys are doing in their ”old age:”

One thought on “Too Old to Trek?

  1. Thanks for this Rex! I walked my first Camino at 65 and have been walking ever since, although I’ve slowed down a bit. Two years off during the pandemic has been rough. My husband and I are now 78 and 81 and hope to keep walking. We have gotten comments for years from younger folks who say, “We hope we can do what you’re doing when we’re your age!” That does make us feel old!

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