Just Winging It in a Giant RV

When I saw this book’s title–Hitting the Road Without a Map–I immediately hit the “buy” button. Author Fred Rutter rewarded my choice with his likability, writing, honesty, and adventurous spirit. I found myself wishing I had literally been along for the ride.

Rutter and a buddy tackle RV life head on as they drive a mutual friend’s 37-foot motor home with three slide outs to her new residence in the West.

The author doesn’t shy away from expressing his fears and shortcomings, but his story about his 3,100-mile RV journey from Ohio to Oregon is filled with positives. He has a childlike fascination with the scenery of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park, the Oregon coast, and more. His journey takes him places he could never have imagined.

Readers learn quickly that these are two extraordinary men who have traveled difficult life paths. I was pulling for them every mile.

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