Favorite Books From Your Year

A favorite 2018 photo (by Sue Spittle) from the Oregon coast.

What were your favorite books last year?

These are two I enjoyed:

Nonfiction: Way Out There, by J. Robert Harris…backpacking adventures, mostly solo, that boggled my mind.

Fiction: Ready Player One, by Ernest Kline…scifi at its best.

I want to add a special mention of a book that resonated with me: Fighting the Inside Dragons, by Bogdan Ignat.

Let me know your favorites; I am always shopping for my bookshelf.

Thank you,


5 thoughts on “Favorite Books From Your Year

  1. Here are a few I really liked:

    “Sapiens”, Yuval Harari. Lots of interesting insights.

    “The Year of Living Biblically”, A. J. Jacobs. An author tries to live a year following all the rules on the Bible. Funny and fascinating.

    “A Crack in Creation”, Jennifer Doudna. Development of the CRISPR gene editing technique.


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