End of School Signals This Kid’s Phenomenal Journey

This Californian gave himself a high school graduation present that lasted more than 500 days and took him from the top to the bottom of America. On two wheels. He overcame obstacles that would send others home. I look forward to reading his book! (The CNN article has some ads.) Photo by Liam Garner.


Joshua Tree: Rocks Steal the Show

During our recent visit to Joshua Tree National Park, the rocks stood tall in the California desert. Skull Rock, Face Rock, Heart Rock, and Arch Rock each posed for Sue’s camera. Along with several other walkers, we called out characters in Face Rock. How many do you see? Can you match the four names with their photos?

We walked several trails that were clearly marked and mostly flat. We tried one longer loop from All Trails that was promising at first, but was tough to follow after our guide, Sue’s phone, ran out of power. Not wanting to risk getting lost among the giant rocks, we turned around.