Big Bend a Treasure for Feet and Eyes

Texas’ Big Bend National Park, tucked against Mexico and the Rio Grande River, is worth every mile of the remote drive. There are miles and miles for your feet once you get there but we kept hearing that the Lost Mine Trail was the best. We began at sunrise at the small parking area. The five-mile roundtrip carried us up 1,100 feet and turned out to be one of our favorite day hikes—ever. Sue’s photography captured the best moments.

2 thoughts on “Big Bend a Treasure for Feet and Eyes

  1. I’ve been to Big Bend and I agree Reg. Back in the day…before 9/11 happened….there was a spot on the Rio Grande where you could take a small boat across and hike up to a Catina on the Mexico side and have a cold one. That was on my wish list but unfortunately I did not get there before they shut it down. Happy trails. Jerry


    1. Hi Jerry,
      Nice to hear from you!
      At the end of the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, l put my hand in the Rio Grande, which was flowing fast and I looked up at huge cliffs on the Mexico side. Apparently, there is a point of entry near Rio Grande Village in the park, but probably not a place for a cold one across the border.


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