So Many Questions

As a retired political science instructor, this post struck home.

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so many questions

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I’ve been busy in recent days.  As many of you may recall, I manage a writing center at a community college in San Antonio, Texas, USA.  For a number of reasons, recent weeks at work have been especially stressful.  For one, I’ve been tasked with turning our center into a multipurpose learning facility.  In other words, we’ll continue to help students with their writing, but we are broadening our horizons by offering additional services.  These services include conducting hands-on workshops that help students develop their critical thinking skills.  In the past half a month or so, I’ve been creating and offering these workshops to a wide variety of students, and all this has kept me super busy.

This experience of talking with groups of people about thinking and what makes it artful and “critical”—I often tell…

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One thought on “So Many Questions

  1. First of all, it is a proven fact, that information acquired is better retained by speaking it aloud and writing it out. In doing so helps the brain to better recall such facts and information for the betterment of decision making.
    For example, today’s generations (under 50, maybe older) carry no or little knowledge of history in order to be better informed on the pitfalls of Socialism and Marxism. They mostly think this is something wonderful. Something for the betterment of the community and the country. When in fact, it is a proven detriment to any community or country.
    The necessity for acquiring, recalling and re-writing of information will always be the best way for a critical thinker to make better decisions in their future.

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