Two Treks, Two Writers, Two Stories

My Journey around Mont Blanc PAPERBACK 2019 by Dan Karmi

Michael Tyler and his wife walked more than 40 times as far as Dan Karmi, but distance is not necessarily the defining measure of their accomplishments.

In Walking Thru, Tyler recreates his journey of more than 2,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. I am pulled to the PCT because of its incredible challenges in the desert of Southern California, over peaks more than 13,000 feet high in the Sierra Nevada, and through two more states, Oregon and Washington. Sue and I have walked five European distance treks, but none compare to the length and difficulty of the PCT.

Karmi, from Israel, walked 60 miles of the 110-mile Tour du Mont Blanc, but I have to give him credit for attempting something unlike anything he had ever done. Sue and I had done two other treks by the time we walked around Mont Blanc, something we could not have done without experience. Karmi’s story, My Journey Around Mont Blanc, is an honest sharing of his unusual experience.

Neither book was a gripping account, but I was drawn to their stories. Their adventures were so unalike, but distance walkers will find value in their words.

Land’s End: What a Finish

It may not look like it, but Sue and I saved the best for last. Soaked to the skin after our finish at Land’s End on England’s South West Coast Path, we were exhausted, but exhilarated. We had walked in horizontal rain that pounded us all afternoon, but it was a perfect ending to our near-monthlong backpacking trip. The trek is one of four adventures in my second book, due out soon. Write me through “contact” on my website ( to get early word when it is published.

A Story With a Perfect Ending

What a finish! Sue and I pose with Mont Blanc, which we circled during a 110-mile trekking adventure through three countries. It was a journey that we would not have believed possible just a few years before. The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of four adventures in my second book, due out soon. Write me through “contact” on my website ( if you want early word when it is published.

Good Things Do Find Endings

Two years after I began writing, I am near the last page of my second book. I can’t wait to see how it ends, but I don’t want the writing journey to be over. That’s how Sue and I felt in Scotland at the finish line of the West Highland Way. Like all four adventures in the new book, the day was bittersweet. Write me through “contact” on my website ( if you want an early word when the new book is published.