Camino Sunrise Goes to Bloomsbury Books

Book talk

About 25 people braved snowy conditions to attend my book talk at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, Oregon, last evening. They filled the loft area of our beloved downtown bookstore, where I shared adventure stories about my journey on the Camino de Santiago, read brief excerpts from Camino Sunrise, and related tales from my writing experience. I was nervous about my first book talk; the experience felt quite different from political science lectures and talks to my trekking classes. Thank you to Bloomsbury Books and to the hardy people who brought their enthusiasm for distance trekking and/or reading!

Wonder Awaits Behind the Albergue Door


Excerpt from Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows:

“Seven miles after leaving Burgos on a thinly overcast, but warm day, I sat on a bench with my shoes off in the small village of Rabé de las Calzadas. Sue photographed bright red and yellow tulips covering a circular garden when we noticed a two-story albergue in the plaza. The guidebook said there were 24 beds; dinner and breakfast were offered. Bricks framed the windows, and benches lined the rock wall surrounding the front door, which stood alongside the Camino. A soda machine advertising Coca-Cola stood under a huge yellow arrow. Our next chance for beds was five miles farther.

Sue knew what we should do. ‘Let’s take a chance.’ . . . Our choice would be rewarded with the memory of two words that would mark the day forever.”

About Camino Sunrise


Self-reflection, humor and a recurring cast of real-life characters create the backdrop for Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows. Follow the author as he learns his worries about coed dorms, bathrooms, and lack of privacy are not the most troublesome extra baggage he packs. Each new day uncovers lessons in camaraderie, acceptance, and hope as Reg confronts disturbing shadows from his past.

A recently retired political science professor and longtime newspaper journalist, Reg was looking forward to expanding his travel experiences, but the trek on the 500-mile trail across Spain took him to places he never imagined.

Reg’s wife Sue illustrated Camino Sunrise with her ink-and-watercolor paintings that appear in color in the ebook. Some are previewed in a slide show on this site. Visit Sue Spittle’s photography blog by clicking here.

The Camino de Santiago is a journey built on 1,200 years of history and travels from the Pyrenees in France to Santiago de Compostela. It has been a pilgrimage for millions from all over the world for centuries.