Two American Youths on a Mission While Walking Scottish Trail

The northeast coast of Scotland is home to a quiet place for contemplation.

During our distance trek through Scotland, we met two American college students on a mission as they walked the Great Glen Way. Theirs was a most unlikely destination and the young men’s story is an anecdote in my new book, Trippin’ Through My 60s.

Were they going to a distillery? A castle? A great campsite? Find out where they were headed here.

Hermann Hesse’s Journey of the Heart

Narcissus, a young adult, lives a sheltered life in a monastery with other monks who value quiet contemplation. His faith and lifestyle travel a path relatively free of pain and suffering. And passion. He is tied to a sense of duty.

Narcissus welcomes Goldmund, a teen-ager, to the cloister and guides him to peer deep inside himself. Goldmund discovers his own artistic talents as well as his restless soul. He leaves Narcissus to live the life of a homeless, faithless man who endures great pain and suffering. Passion is his driving force.

Whose life was superior? Happier? More worthy?

After many years, Goldmund returns to Narcissus and from the messiness of Goldmund’s life, the monk finds his own clarity and realizes the depth of his love for his former student. His revelations will give readers pause.

Narcissus and Goldmund. German philosopher/author Hermann Hesse at his best.