The Bell Trail: Avoid the Sedona Crowds

The red-rock trails of the Sedona, Arizona area are spectacular, but you need to secure parking at trailhead lots early, even before 8 a.m. in some cases. Thanks to a tip from a Montana couple we met on a hike, we explored a red-rock canyon near Camp Verde, without the crowds. The Bell Trail is an out-and-back 6.9 miles with 587 feet of elevation gain. “Don’t miss the Crack,” we were advised. The Crack is a fissure that features pools where Wet Beaver Creek passes. A couple of young guys were tempted, but resisted jumping into the cloudy water.

Sedona Guide Leads to Wonders

Tie the laces on your hiking shoes, head on over to Sedona, Arizona and grab Greg Stevenson’s trail guide. You are in for one of the world’s most spectacular trekking experiences.

Greg’s book describes 30 of the best trails in the area and Sue and I used it to find two eight-mile loops around red-rock wonders like the Courthouse, above. He includes the basics for a variety of paths and we found it the perfect companion for the Sedona Trails Map by Emmitt Barks Cartography. We discovered both in Greg’s Hike House outdoor store in Sedona.

I know how much work goes into writing a book and am grateful that Greg’s efforts will be our guide for several more adventures!