English Author Packs a Magic Touch

Have you ever…

Enjoyed a book so much that you wrote to the author?

George Mahood

I had just finished Free Country, a wild romp about two Englishmen who wore only boxer shorts as they began their journey at Land’s End, the southernmost part of England, determined to bicycle to John O’Groats, at the northern tip of Scotland.

The young men had no money–just a notebook, pen, and hearts filled with trust. Author George Mahood bet that the good will of their fellow countrymen would provide them with bicycles, food, lodging, clothing, and much more. After reading his true story, I was ready to accompany him to Las Vegas and depend on his good fortune.

But my e-mail led to more than a winning bet. It changed my life.

George wrote back and suggested I make the leap from travel blogger to book author through Amazon’s KDP program. About a year and a half later, I published my first book, Camino Sunrise, and am now working on my second.

So a big shout out to George Mahood on the release of his latest, How Not to Get Married: Confessions of a Wedding Photographer. I can hardly wait until the paperback arrives via Amazon. (Yep, it’s in ebook format too.)

I am so confident that it will be another of his humorous, insightful looks at his eventful life that I know I will be writing him another note when I finish reading.

This time, I will be writing as a fellow author, brimming with respect for George’s hard work, talent and kindness.

Camino Sunrise Book Talk


I will present a Camino Sunrise book talk at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Medford, Oregon on Saturday, March 2 at 2 p.m. As well as Amazon, my book is available through the Barnes and Noble website and in Ashland, Oregon at Bloomsbury Books and the Northwest Nature Shop. The ebook is offered at Amazon. Interestingly, I recently saw it on Powell’s Bookstore online store.


A Tiny Trailer Called Home


Our tiny home

It was our first albergue (hostel) after our baptism on Spain’s Camino de Santiago. As I lay in my sleeping bag in a packed roomful of bunks and fellow pilgrims, the light switched off. I sought sleep, but was transported back in time to a tiny dinette bed in the 16-foot trailer my younger brother Joe and I called home. This is one of Sue’s illustrations that grace the pages of Camino Sunrise: Walking With My Shadows.


Thank you, Miguel


I often told my college students, “If you want to feel life, get out of your comfort zone. It is scary, but the rewards are worth every nervous moment.”

During one of my last classes before leaving the working world, Miguel handed me his exam and said, “Now it’s your turn, Spittle. Go for it!”

A year and a half after I began writing, I sat at my desk with a stack of drafts. Soon I would hit the “publish” button and my world would change forever. Scary? You bet. Worth it? No doubt.

Thank you, Miguel.