Four Treks, Four Adventures, Four Tests

The Camino Frances inspired Sue and me to backpack four more European distance treks, each with a unique personality. A closed sign greeted us at an ancient aqueduct as we left Spoleto, Italy on the Way of St. Francis in 2018. Part of the official path, the aqueduct was closed after a 2016 earthquake, forcing us to turn around and walk a lengthy detour. How many stairs are there on England’s South West Coast Path? We climbed and descended many of the 30,000 steps in 2019. Glaciers on the Mont Blanc massif frame our favorite accommodation on the Tour du Mont Blanc, Rifugio Elisabetta, in 2016. An ingenious drying rack was a godsend at the Lander Bed and Breakfast in Drymen on the West Highland Way in 2014. Our adventures on the four treks are featured in my second book, Trippin’ Through My 60s.

13 thoughts on “Four Treks, Four Adventures, Four Tests

  1. I think I’d be gutted to be forced to take a detour….how many times to you break the rules? I had one walk last year where I ended up in a locked yard on a civil engineering site – rather than do a 4 mile detour and deviate from the official path. I talked my way out of it – the workers couldn’t believe an old duffer like me managed to get through.

    Also how long did you spend covering the SW Coast path – that was my first big adventure – mainly done at weekends and evenings in 2010 – 2013.

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    1. Hello,
      It was frustrating, but only a mile or so, not like the four miles you faced.
      We walked from Minehead to Land’s End (take several days out for buses when 50-plus mph winds and rain kept us off the trail). We were able to walk 16 days and loved it…several sections (Hartland to Bude!) were tough, but beautiful. How much of it did you do? You must live in England to be able to do it in bits. I wish we could do that.
      Thanks for your note.


      1. Yes – I lived within an hour and half of many stages. I suppose I did 50 miles in the late nineties (but my boys got fed up with walking) the remaining 580 miles were done between 2010-2013 on weekends, or evenings after work.

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      2. Well done! We dragged our sons on many trails when we lived in Scotland (I worked there for a year.)
        I discovered in 2019 I was a dual citizen, so I quickly got my U.K. passport just in time for the virus. My wife and I still plan to stay in the U.K. long enough to do more walks in addition to more on the continent.
        You live in such a walking country; so many fabulous trails!


  2. I like the look of your book – may buy it after I get through a few more of my Christmas presents. I read a book last year about a local businessman who did – including scary sections in blizzards.

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    1. Thank you. My second book is nearly complete…it will include the SW Coast Path. My first book is from the Camino de Santiago…my first distance trek. I published it two years ago.


  3. I just ordered your book! Bicycling a lesser known route on the Camino is one of my future plans so I look forward to reading about your journey. I hope you will also read my book, Bicycle Odyssey, and tell me what you think. Happy trekking!

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