The purpose of life is to be a nobody

Ladders is a favorite of mine, despite the ads. This piece included a reference to writer/philosopher Edmund Burke and kept me engrossed in thought.

Acknowledging unimportance liberates us from the grips of the self-centered voice in our head that’s chiefly responsible for many of life’s difficulties.
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When do you feel like a nobody in the way described in this article? I have found the peace of insignificance when I am trekking and writing.

3 thoughts on “The purpose of life is to be a nobody

  1. I am interested that you say you feel like a nobody when you are walking. I think I am completely opposite. I feel like I am bigger and stronger and at one with nature. I don’t mean this in a egoistic way, just that when I am outside walking for 25km, I feel like I am part of something bigger. I am not sure that I have expressed that in the right way. Maybe it is more about the feeling of connection. Have a good day and happy walking, Mel

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  2. As a Taoist, the concept of ‘no self’ is practiced every day. But it is a hard concept to put into words that others will understand. The ‘Ladders’ article does a great job of articulating the premise. Great post!

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